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The Ashe Co., NC Penningtons have been an area of concentration for me for several years.  During that time, I have come to the conclusion that the best way to research the background of the Group 7 Penningtons was to look at all of the Pennington's in the area.  I've included parts of VA, NC, KY, and TN in that research and have come to some surprising conclusions.  I believe that all of these Penningtons are connected several generations back.  DNA research has confirmed that there is a link between the families.  The question is - who is the common ancestor.  If you would like to read about the Pennington Research Association's DNA project please go to  The following are the known groupings of Ashe Co., NC Penningtons that I have been researching.

  • Group 7M  - Descendants of Micajah Pennington - These descendants include primarily the children of Micajah, Jr, Mary Pennington Bowling, Edward Pennington, Elizabeth Pennington Barton, Sarah Pennington Johnston, and Johanna Pennington Dickson.  At this time, there are no known descendants of Elijah Pennington, Levi Pennington, Rachel Pennington, and Benajah Pennington.

  • Group 7E - Descendants of Ephraim Pennington - These descendants include the children of Levi Pennington b. 1794 (previously thought to be son of Levi, grandson of Micajah), Andrew Pennington and Daniel Pennington.

  • Group 7B - Descendants of Benajah Pennington - These descendants include the children of Benajah Pennington b. 1770 - we believe them to be connected to the other groups listed here, but we do not, as yet, know the connection.

  • Group 12 - Descendants of Samuel Pennington - These descendants are the children of Samuel Pennington b. 1795 who is probably rather closely connected to the rest of the Ashe Co., NC Penningtons.

  • Group 30 - Descendants of Abram Pennington - We really don't know if Abram Pennington is the true projenitor of this group - but it does involve the descendants of the siblings: Elizabeth Pennington Blevins, Andrew Pennington, James Pennington, Artemecia Pennington Blevins, & Lorenzo Dow Pennington.

  • Group 31 - Descendants of Aaron Pennington - This group involves the descendants of Aaron Pennington and Ann Coldiron who left the Ashe Co., area around 1820 and settled in KY.

  • Group 32 - Descendants of Wells Pennington - Wells Pennington and descendants left Ashe Co., NC between 1810-1820 and settled in KY.

  • Unknown? - These descendants are connected to the Douglas Pennington b. 1818 - who I have been unable to connect to any of the above groups.

As an active member of the PRA (Pennington Research Association), I have benefited from the information that has been provided to me through the Pennington Pedigrees and the Pennington Research Association website at - If you would like information on becoming  a member, please contact me or write to Melinda Pennington at  . 

Please remember that this info is the product of members of the Pennington Research Association and myself.  It represents our work and research.

This page last updated July 31, 2011.

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