Pennington Documents


  • Benejah Power of Attorney Transcription 

Special thanks to Barb Temple for the transcription and finding the document!

This is from Barren County Kentucky Deed Book C, Page 252.  Begin

Know all men by these presents that I Benajah Pennington of the County of
Barren and State of Kentucky do constitute and appoint Zephiniah (sic) Bell of the same State and County my lawful Agnt and Attorney to do and transact all my business of every
description, and act in my place and Stead in ever thing wherein I may be
interested or concerned in the State of North Carolina and especially to
sue for or otherwise Collect, all claims, dues, demand rights of any or
every description, Legacies, Inheritances etc etc to which I may be entitled in
said State from the representatives or from the estate of my deceased
father Micajah Pennington or from any other person and I do impower my
said Attorney to sue and act in every in every (sic) respect in the same way in the aforesaid business as I myself could, and his acts shall be obligatory on me  Witness my hand and Seal this 19th July 1813 


                               Benajah X Pennington (   al) (sic)


State of Kentucky Barren County To Wit I William Logan Clerk of the
County Court for the aforesaid County of Barren being duly authorised by Law to receive the acknowledgment and proof and admit to record in my office Deeds and
other writings do hereby certify that Benajah Pennington a party (Grantor) to the within or foregoing Power Power (sic) of Attorney personally came before me and acknowledged the said Power of Attorney to be his act and Deed for the purposes therein Specified  In
Testimony whereof I have hereunto Subscribed my name and affixed the the
Seal of my Office this 19th day of July 1813

                  W. Logan clk

End of transcription.


  •  Daniel Pennington Letter - This is a letter written from Daniel Pennington to his son John Wesley Pennington.  Daniel's line is Daniel>Levi>Micajah. I have believed in the past that Daniel was a son of Levi and grandson of Levi.  However, further research has shown that he is a son of Levi and brother to Andrew Pennington b. 1813 and half brother of Levi b. 1794. Special Thanks to Doyle King and Wayne King for supplying a copy of this document.


Levi Pennington Land Records - File # 503  - 100 acres, Grant No. 497, 27 Nov 1804 
levipen533-1.jpg (80506 bytes)levipen533-2.jpg (241641 bytes)

State of North Carolina                         No 408
       Micajah Penington

Enteneay office of claims for lands in the county of ashe to the surveyor of
said county greeting you are here by required to survey acording to law for
Levi Penington one hundred acres of land lying in the county your said lying
on the south side of the North Fork of New River beginning at or near the
said peningtons line on the long_____( hood or ghool) creek running various
courses so as to ____ (gnelaid?) the good and vacant land their abouts for
        Entered the 16 of July 1801 and mak due return therein of agreably
to the several acts of assembly in such ______(couze) maid and proveided
given under the hand at office the 19 of October 1801
Penington esq

(Note--spelling of Pennington throughout the document)
Special Thanks to Pat Reid for the trranscription.

Levi Pennington Land Records - File # 533  - 100 acres, Grant No. 257, 7 Dec 1804 
levipen-n22.jpg (107290 bytes)levipen-n22-1.jpg (128966 bytes)levipen-n22-2.jpg (42135 bytes)levipen-n22-4.jpg (145606 bytes)

levipen-n22-5.jpg (190758 bytes)levipen-n22-6.jpg (93830 bytes)levipen-n22-7.jpg (65576 bytes)levipen-n22-8.jpg (34231 bytes)

  • John Barton pension, filed by Elizabeth Pennington Barton. (Special thanks Wanda Lombardo & Esther Bruesch for supplying the documents)

bartonbible.jpg (421907 bytes)Barton Bible -Lists children of Elizabeth Pennington & John Barton.

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