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Below are some references that have been either provided to me or by me.  I have not personally verified all of these resources.  If you have other references that pertain to this group...please let me know, and I will list them here!

Pennington Pedigrees

  • Vol. I, #2, pp 35-38, Micajah - Edward

  • Vol. III, #2, pp 41-42, Tobias Pennington-Nancy Skaggs

  • Vol. IV, #2, p. 22, Dryden -  Pennington Cemetery

  • Vol. IV, #2, p. 85, Parsons Album

  • Vol. VII, #1, p. 41, Dryden Pioneers

  • Vol. VII, #1, p. 44, Macajah -  Parsons

  • Vol. VII, #1, p. 48, Edward, Levi Thomas, etc.

  • Vol. XI, #1, p. 38, Charles Pennington Family

  • Vol. XII, #2, pp 53-58, Pennington Gap Family Pictures

  • Vol. XXI, #1, p. 49 & 70, Charles Pennington's visit with Mary Kirby

  • Vol. XXI, #2, p. 65, Black Bill Pennington

  • Vol. XXIV, #2, p. 49, Lee County

Other Sources

  • Early Settlers of Lee Co., VA, and Adjacent Counties, Vol. II, pp. 674-684.  This is an excellent resource with a great deal of info on the family of Micajah Pennington and Rachel Jones.

  • Early Settlers of Lee Co., VA and Adjacent Counties, Vol. I, pp. 270-271.  This article deals with the family of Charles Pennington and Diana Parsons.

  • Ashe County Historical Book, article 370, pp 392-393.  This article deals briefly with the family of Micajah Pennington.  

These are web pages that mention Penningtons from Group VII.  If anyone has other links that may be useful...please forward them on. 

Many of these links are from Jeff Weaver's New River Notes.  If you have never utilized this web page I encourage you to check it out.  He has done a fantastic job gathering information and posting it on his web site.

Census Records

1810 Ashe County, North Carolina Federal Census  
1830 Lee County Federal Census  
1850 Perry Co., KY Federal Census   
Ashe Co., NC 1880 Census Index - P & Q
1810, 1820, 1830, & 1840 Clay County Census Index

Other Miscellaneous Records

Ashe County, NC Land Grants 1799-1936 (New River Notes)
18th Century North Carolina New River Settlers (New River Notes)
Minutes of Ashe Co., NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1806(New River Notes)
Slave Holders - Antebellum New River Valley - Ashe County (New River Notes)
The Ashe County, North Carolina Directory - 1883 (New River Notes)
Marriage Records of Ashe County, North Carolina 1801-1872 (New River Notes)

Tax Lists

Names in the 1810 Lee County Personal Property Tax List (Lee County, VA GenWeb Page)
Clay County, KY 1811 Tax List (lists Jesse Bolin, and Abraham Barger)
Ashe County, North Carolina - 1815 Tax List (New River Notes)
1819 List of Males transferred from Knox to Harlan County Tax Lists

Pennington Genealogy Pages

Pennington Research Association Genealogy
Ancestors of Graham Clarke BABCOCK (FTM Site)
Ancestors of Kay Frances Law (FTM Site)
The Pennington Family Home Page
Pennington Family Genealogy Forum
Bolling Family Genealogy Forum

Windows into our Past
This website has info on the Parsons, Penningtons, & Robbins families.
Barger Family History (This is based on the family of Mary Pennington's daughter, Mary Bolling who married Abraham Barger)
Descendants of William DE Bolling (Look for Jesse Bolling and Mary Pennington)
SPRINKLES OF BEN HUR  - This info is describing the descendants of Edward Pennington's granddaughter Nervesta Riley Russel.


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