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I have made three visits to Ashe Co., North Carolina and Johnson Co., TN to visit the areas where my family immigrated from.  My Pennington ancestors were among the early families in Ashe Co., NC and my Dollar ancestors came in the late 1830's.  In the early 1880's my Penningtons moved to Johnson Co., TN in the Laurel Bloomery area.  In 1910, my great grandmother came out west to join her husband at Grouse Flats, Wallowa Co., OR.  During my last visit, Carolyn Waters and I tried to get photos of several cemeteries.  We weren't as successful as I would like, but nevertheless, here are some photos of those cemeteries that we located with some difficulty in many circumstances.  Many included in these pages are not connected to the Penningtons, however, if the relationship is known by me, I will add whatever information I know.  Hopefully, these will be helpful to some who are researching this area of Ashe Co. NC.  I will use the descriptions of the cemeteries as entered in the Ashe Co., NC Cemetery books.

North Carolina

  • Ashelawn Memorial Cemetery (P01)
  • Clint Gilley Cemetery (J29)
  • James Oliver Family Cemetery (M05)
  • Obids Baptist Church Cemetery (U10)
  • Senter Primitive Baptist Cemetery (G01)
  • Warner Lee Roark Cemetery (H10)
  • Woodford Community Cemetery (R05)


  • Wesley Methodist Cemetery - Shingletown, Johnson Co., TN



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